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Writing Hostile Takeover

Last updated Jan 11, 2023 Edit Source


Spoilers are possible. Read at your own risk.



Task List

  • Cover Art
  • First Draft
  • Revisions
  • Copyedits
  • Front/End Matter
  • Sales Copy
  • Production

Project Notes

Blog Posts: Nobody Knows

Book Description

Welcome to the family, Jessica Warne

After the brutal attack that nearly killed her, Jessica returned to the Duke Agency to embark on a desperate mission. Now that she understands the true aims of her employer, she’s determined to free the assistants from her family’s dangerous grasp.

Yet the deeper she goes undercover, the closer Jessica becomes to the family she never knew. She’d been prepared for cruelty, even violence. What she couldn’t have imagined was the way they’d support her, welcoming her in as one of their own. As she grapples with the troubling legacy left by generations of her kin, Jessica has to wonder…

Where should her loyalties lie?