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Last updated Oct 10, 2022 Edit Source

Because I get more done when I track these things. 🧐

# Manuscript Progress

Current Open Projects

Shadow of a Doubt19550First Draft
Project Mars1251First Draft
The Case of the Paper Horse1121First Draft
The Gig Economy6852First Draft

# Wordcount Tracker

All Fiction Projects

DateWords WrittenProjectNotes
variousvariousDidn’t track for a while! ;)
9/16/221560Shadow of a DoubtDraft 1/3 Complete
9/15/221128Shadow of a Doubt
9/13/221697Shadow of a Doubt
9/11/22337The Case of the Paper Horse
9/11/222554Shadow of a Doubt
9/9/22-Hostile TakeoverPage Proofs & Formatting
9/7/222294Shadow of a Doubt
9/6/223557Shadow of a Doubt
9/6/22100Project Mars