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Last updated Aug 30, 2022 Edit Source

Things I have cooked that I would cook again.

# Breakfast/Brunch

Dutch Apple Pancakes - I skipped the sour cream with no adverse consequences.

Tortilla Española - A potato and onion omelette I first tried in Valencia Spain.

# Salads & Soups


Honey Mustard Broccoli Salad - Vegan

Sweet Crunch Winter Salad - Vegan


Potato Leek Soup - Use potato flakes if you’re in a hurry.

# Veg + Meat Dishes

Peanut Butter Lime Buddha Bowls - For low-carb, swap rice for veggies

Sheet Pan BBQ Meatballs - Smoked Paprika + BBQ Sauce = Good

# Dessert

Chocolate Mug Cake - Lazy microwave cooking FTW