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Writing Shadow of a Doubt

Last updated Feb 2, 2023 Edit Source


Spoilers are possible. Read at your own risk.


Waiting for Editor/Beta Feedback

Task List

  • Story Concept
  • Cover Art
  • Major Plot Points
  • Main Characters
  • Set Up Files & Folders
  • Playlist
  • ~First Draft~
  • ~Revisions~
  • ~Copyedit
  • ~Recording

~ means ‘in process’

Project Notes

Release Date: March 31, 2023

Research Links:

Book Description

Placeholder Version (Needs Work)

Kameron Achebe has always valued her strength and independence. As a teenager, she dreamed of competing with her country’s Olympic Taekwondo team. When her dreams were dashed by a cruel twist of fate, she ran, leaving the world she knew behind. From then on, she’d build a life she could call her own.

A decade later, her life is changing again. Eight months pregnant and unsure of herself, Kameron’s struggling with the transition to motherhood. Thank goodness she has Paul at her side! He’s the Yin to her Yang, and without his love and support she wouldn’t be where she is today.

When Kameron learns Paul has been lying to her, his betrayal has her seeing red. And after a confrontation with a local bully, matters go from bad to worse. The man is found beaten to death in the woods, and she’s the prime suspect!

For her own future, and for the future of her family, only one thing matters now. Can she prove her innocence beyond the shadow of a doubt?