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Spanish Learning Resources

Last updated Apr 2, 2023 Edit Source

Here are some of my favorite resources for learning Spanish:

  1. SpanishDict ($60/yr)

    For vocabulary, pronunciation, translation, and verb conjugation practice.

  2. (free)

    You can’t learn to speak Spanish without speaking Spanish. So go speak some Spanish even though you suck at it.

  3. Language Transfer (free)

    A podcast to help you think in Spanish.

  4. Netflix

    Netflix has tons of Spanish-language television shows, plus extensive subtitling and dubbing options for their original programming.

  5. YouTube

    Likewise, YouTube has excellent language learning resources.

    Suggested channels: Dreaming Spanish, Español Con Juan, Real Fast Spanish Extra (a television show for Spanish learners)

Additional Resources

Recommendations from friends, and things I’ve found helpful in the past.

Italki - Hire a conversation partner or tutor by the hour.

News in Slow Spanish ($22/mo) - Learn Spanish by reading and listening to the news.

Lingolia - Extremely complete descriptions of verb tenses. With a subscription, get lots of helpful conjugation drills.

Taronja School - Spanish immersion classes in Valencia, Spain.